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Masks and PPE

As a service to our customers, we are working to source masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) to allow you to purchase from a source you can trust.  We are selling all PPE at our cost as a service to you and your salon clients, and we hope this will help make your re-opening and navigating our new reality a little easier.  We wish each of you and your families good health and happiness in the months and years to come.



How can I buy masks from you now?

There are three ways to get masks from us today:

    1. Buy masks by themselves
      • Minimum quantity for a standalone mask order is 50 masks
      • Free shipping
    2. Get FREE MASKS
      • We will send you one free surgical mask for every salon garment you purchase
      • No limit on how many free masks you can receive
      • Free masks will not appear in your cart, but will be added to your order when shipped


What other types of PPE are you planning to offer?

We currently have surgical masks and infrared thermometers available for purchase, and we are actively working to source filtration masks.  We are also looking into sourcing gloves and face shields.  We may consider sourcing gowns if enough customers express interest.  If there are other types of safety items you are interested in us trying to source, please send us a message at ppe@saloncapes.com.


Will the pricing on your masks and PPE stay at their current levels?

No, we hope prices drop!  Pricing is based on cost to SalonCapes for each batch of each item as we source them.  Part of what motivated this effort was our dissatisfaction with overcharging for these items because of current supply issues, which is why we are offering these items to you at our cost as a way of helping you and your families.  If and as our cost on an item decreases, we will immediately pass those savings on to you.


Where are you sourcing your masks and PPE?

We are currently sourcing all masks and PPE from US based companies.


I added some garments to my cart, but my free masks are not showing up there.  Why not?

Free masks will not show up in your cart, but they will be added to your order when we ship it you.

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