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The Best Barber Capes, Salon Wear, Salon Capes, and Other Salon Apparel at the Lowest Prices

For 35 Years We've Designed and Manufactured Capes, Aprons, Robes, Smocks, and Custom Salon Apparel at Wholesale Prices.

Featured Hair Stylist Smocks, Hair Cutting Capes, Barber Gowns, & Cosmetology Aprons

Salon Apparel: Setting the New Standard for Quality and Affordability.

Saloncapes specializes in servicing all your barbershop, beauty salon, hair salon, and salon wear needs, offering unrivaled value and affordability on high quality smocks, hair cutting capes, barber aprons, hair stylist apparel, custom capes, chemical capes, and all kinds of salon apparel by cutting out the middle man mark ups and selling direct from our manufacturing locations.

Our salon capes and salon aprons are a big part of our salon wear line.

Choose from an array of high end barber capes, hair cutting capes, kimono smocks, salon aprons, chemical capes, hair coloring capes, salon robes, beautician capes, hair stylist aprons, barber smocks, and salon wear styles to fit your needs or call us with any specific requests.

Our Hair Capes, Chemical Capes, & Salon Wear Will Help Your Business Stand Out!

Saloncapes offers great salon wear and hair stylist apparel to help your shop stand out.

Whether your salon specializes in cutting, coloring, and styling hair (requiring hair salon capes, hair smocks, hairdressing aprons, shampoo capes, hair cutting capes, hairstylist smocks, hair aprons, hairdresser smocks, hair salon robes, salon smocks, or hair stylist apparel)...

Or focuses on facials, skin health, and overall beauty (requiring cosmetology aprons, chemical capes, beautician smocks, cosmetology capes, salon smocks, and beauty salon apparel)...

We have all the salon wear options and salon apparel colors you will love.

Hair stylist apparel and salon apparel fabric swathes.

Select from all types of hair cutting capes and cosmetology capes including colorful hair capes, durable hair styling capes, waterproof shampoo capes, color capes, and stylish cutting capes and our affordable array of salon smocks including: hair stylist smocks, bold salon smocks, attractive hair stylist smocks, modern beautician smocks, and stylish hair dresser smocks.

Salon Smocks, Hairstylist Smocks, Cosmetologist Smocks, and Hair Smocks.

Looking for salon smocks? You’ve come to the right place. We have the best selection of kimonos, hair smocks, cosmetologist smocks, hairdresser smocks, and other smocks for hair stylists. Browse through all our wide array of possible options and salon smock styles until you find the hair stylist smocks or barber smocks that are perfect for your shop.

Once you find a hair stylist smock, barber smock, or salon smock you like, simply give us a call to find out the pricing, color options, and other details about our high-quality products.

5-Star Quality From Hairdresser Capes to the Barber Apron and the Salon Cape.

Every stitch is made with care, and all of our hair salon apparel products (whether you buy a single barber cape or a hundred salon smocks) are designed to look great and last for the long haul without breaking down so that you get the full value out of every purchase.

Barber capes in action along with salon aprons and a barber apron.

Our salon capes are our pride and joy, and we extend that same energy to our barber smocks, shampoo capes, barber capes, kimonos, color capes, barber aprons, and hair stylist aprons.

Learn about Salon Capes Unique Story.

All of Our Hair Cutting Capes and Hair Stylist Apparel Are Made in America.

Our salon wear is always Made in America.

No matter what type of waterproof aprons, salon robes, chemical capes, or custom salon apparel you are looking for, you can count on the quality and value of our products.

Our salon wear is made in America with quality guaranteed.

Once you order salon capes, barber aprons, salon smocks, barber capes, salon aprons, hair capes, hairdresser smocks, hair stylist apparel, chemical capes for salons, or any other salon apparel from us you will know why we set the standard for quality while cutting out the middle men price hikes to bring you the best salon wear at the most affordable wholesale prices.

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Ordering Info

  • Custom colors/embroidery are available for all salon apparel, barber capes, salon smocks, and stylist apparel. Click here to find out more.
  • If you have any questions or requests, please call or email. We are always here to help!

Carefree Cape Care

Saloncapes barber aprons, hair cutting aprons, stylist smocks, salon smocks, and custom capes are so easy to care for that they are... practically carefree.
  • Machine Wash (Safe at all temperatures)
  • Machine Dry (Safe at all temperatures)
  • Iron if needed


Salon Chenzo - Boca Raton,FL
Outstanding Quality
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Best I've seen or used in 30 years.
-Oliver O.
Smocks last forever!
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High-grade! Everything else out there is junk.
-Robin P.
Great Quality
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Very happy with the quality of capes.
-Tamara V.
Great Apparel
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Great capes. Lightweight. Waterproof.
-Carole S.
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