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Caring for your Salon Capes

Caring for your Salon Capes

"Salon Capes Care Is Important!"

Saloncapes garments are easy to care for - just machine wash and dry.  Saloncapes garments have no plastic, rubber or vinyl that will bubble, crack or melt.  Snaps and zippers are sewn in on all garments, without tapes or adhesives.  Saloncapes kimono robes and apron belts are sewn in, so there's nothing to lose or tangle. Seams are folded over and sewn. Saloncapes garments will not shrink or lose their shape, even with repeated washing.

Below is our list of recommendations for how to best care for your Salon Capes and ensure the longevity of your Hair Cutting Capes, Salon Smocks and Salon Aprons:

  • Machine Wash Cold (Safe at all temperatures)
  • Machine Dry Low/Medium (They dry fast!)

  • Wash separate from towels to maximize speed of drying and durability

  • Iron Low, if needed

  • Non-Chlorine Bleach Only

Salon Capes care is easy and the longevity of our salon capes is outstanding!


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