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Barber Capes

Barber Capes

"Want The Best Barber Shop Capes And Salon Hair Capes?"

When you go to the barber, you begin to relax as soon as the best barber capes are draped around your neck. It is the beginning of an indulging experience that many clients look forward to all day.

Can you imagine what it would be like without the barber shop cape? Hair would be flying and water would be flowing down your back! That would not be a good experience at all.

The fact is, a comfortable barber shop cape is the key to a pleasant experience.

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Get the Best Barber Capes to help your Barbershop stand apart.

If you’re here looking for the best barber capes and salon hair capes we can help.

These types of barber shop capes have been around for many years and have been traditionally used in all barber shops and salons. They are built for comfort and for cleanliness... and give your patrons the feeling that you care about their hair and about cleaning them up in an enjoyable manner!

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Typically, nylon is used for barber shop capes, but the best barber capes can be made of almost any type of material, including vinyl, cloth, and polyester among others. The different types of material also come in different textures. For the nylon, there is seersucker and crinkle. Vinyl is available embossed. And polyester is available with different sheens. Some are more waterproof than others but all barber shop capes are made to protect the client.

To keep the best barber capes secure, they are usually equipped with snaps or Velcro closing mechanisms that fasten around the neck. Barber shop capes with string closures are also sometimes seen. Sometimes, clips are used to fasten the cape to ensure that the client will not feel water dripping during a wash, or pieces of hair falling down their necks.

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Velcro fastening barber shop capes are most commonly used because they are quick and easy to fasten when making for difficult cleaning.

Velcro does allow for a tight fit because it is completely adjustable and fits any size neck, but it wears down quickly in the wash and gets lint caught in the loops, which is unsightly.

For the best barber capes for snap fastening, the snaps are sometimes spaced too far apart to fit snugly against a customer’s neck. It will be either too tight or too loose and may be necessary to use a clip along with the cape for maximum protection. 

Snaps, particularly if made from stainless steel, are significantly more durable than Velcro, provided there are a sufficient number of snaps and they are spaced close together.

Barber shop capes made of nylon are more commonly used for styling and cutting hair. Others made with vinyl are commonly known as all-purpose capes and are typically used for dying and shampooing. Normally, nylon barber capes are about 44 inches wide and 54 inches long, allowing a good coverage area for most customers. Vinyl capes are about 34 inches wide and 54 inches long.

Larger sizes are available by request and necessity depends on the specific needs of the barber shop.

The Barber Shop Cape You Can Depend On

No matter what your specific requirements are, there is a barber shop cape for you.

The more you work with a specific type, the more you will find out which suits you best.

Clients will surely let you know if they feel hair, or if water is going down their shirt during a wash! It is important to protect your clients clothing and make sure they are comfortable while in your establishment. The best barber capes certainly get the job done and allow for a pleasurable experience for your guests.

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