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 "Looking for a Barber Cape or Customized Barber Capes?" barber's capes and customized barber capes provide unmatched performance and durability for barber shops.

Large and Durable Barber Shop Capes and Custom Barber Capes

Our focus is on providing the highest levels of quality and durability with the utmost levels of style and comfort.  Below you can read through some of the great features that will make these your favorite barber capes ever:

  • All of our barber's capes are HUGE!  They measure 60"x60", which gives you a more complete coverage of both the client and chair than normal barber capes that often fall short when it comes to coverage.
  • The neck area on our barber's capes will fit everyone from the 9” neck of a small child all the way up to the 24" neck of your largest clients.
  • Every barber cape has nine rust-proof snaps that are only 1" apart, instead of the normal six snaps that are up to 2” apart on most barber capes.  This design helps with the comfort level while wearing it and helps prevent having to use a hair clip to tighten up the fit!
  • The elongated back flaps also allow the barber cape to wrap around the chair completely, moving the snaps out of the barber's way and providing a flat back for you to work on your clients’ hair. 
  • All barber capes are lightweight and comfortable, allowing your clients to stay cool even during longer services.
  • Every barber cape and our customized barber capes are washer/dryer safe.  They are made from the highest quality materials here in the United States. We do this so that every barber cape will last and last, giving you more value for your money and a product you can depend on for the long haul.

Check out our Barber Cape Product Video below to learn more:



“I have been ordering from Salon Capes for 11 years and the quality and service is always outstanding. The only place we order our barber capes from.”
~Simone L., Capelli's Barber Shop 


Whether you are looking for a regular barber cape or a custom barber cape, we can provide the highest quality products and service you will ever find.  We can also make customized barber capes with your shop’s logo to give your barber’s capes that professional look you will love and your clients will appreciate.

Order your barber cape or customized barber capes today!

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