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"Looking For The Best Salon Cape and Haircutting Cape?"

Our salon capes and haircutting capes have a storied history, originating from our founder when he was getting a haircut and recognized that the salon cape they were using on him was of an inferior product and didn't fit properly.

Determined to solve this industry problem he used his experience in the clothing manufacturing industry to craft a higher quality hair cutting cape designed to fit any size customer.

And best of all, he was able to produce a superior product and yet sell it at wholesale warehouse prices so that businesses could get a premier haircutting cape product and not break their budgets doing so.  

  • Every salon cape we make is HUGE!  They measure 60"x60", which gives you complete coverage of both the client and chair.
  • The neck on every hair cutting capes will fit everyone from a small child’s 9” neck all the way up to a 24" neck for your largest clients.
  • Every salon cape and haircutting cape has 9 rust-proof snaps that are only 1" apart, instead of the typical 6 snaps that are up to 2” apart on most capes.  This allows you to get a comfortable fit on all neck sizes.  No more using hair clips to tighten the fit!
  • The elongated back flaps allow our salon capes to wrap around the chair completely, leaving the snaps out of your way and a flat back for you to work on your clients’ hair. 
  • All hairdresser are lightweight and comfortable, allowing your clients to stay cool even during longer services.
  • Every hair cutting cape is washer and dryer safe and made from the highest quality materials here in the United States. They last and last to give you more value for your money.

Our founder set the industry standard that all other salon apparel companies are now following. We are proud to continue to offer the highest quality customized salon capes at the most affordable prices on the market.


Watch our Salon Cape and Hair Cutting Cape video below:



“20 years and these are still the best salon capes in the world. You guys are the best!” ~Zaven K., Zaven Kazan Salon

“Wonderful capes!  I cannot say enough great thing about these salon capes and the customer service you receive is like no other.”
~Jackie L.


It doesn’t matter if you are a million-dollar salon or run an independent salon suite, you will receive the best hair cutting cape and salon cape products and service from We can also make customized salon capes with your exact logo.  Give us a try and you will be a customer for life. 

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