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The Saloncapes Difference

The Saloncapes Difference

Salon Capes Mission Statement

We Believe that every salon professional deserves to have world class products that allow them to deliver memorable experiences to their customers.  

We Believe that every Saloncapes customer deserves to enjoy a world class service experience every time they communicate with anyone at our company.

We Accomplish this by selling directly to salon professionals, allowing us to use only the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques while still remaining affordable.  We employ only the most experienced, knowledgeable and professional staff in the industry, and we make ourselves available to you by phone at any time so that we can answer any questions you may have person to person.

We Encourage you to experience the quality of our products and our commitment to serving as your salon apparel partner for life. 

Quality materials result in a garment that lasts after repeated use and washing.

Our Salon Capes, Custom Barber Capes And Salon Apparel Are The Best

Family owned and operated since being founded in 1981 by Ol’ Blue Eyes, Sig Abeles, we continue to strive towards providing the highest-quality hair salon apparel and barber shop apparel at affordable prices.

Our combination of aesthetically appealing styles, sleek comfort, and durable performance is what makes our Waterproof Aprons, Salon Robes, and Hair Cutting Capes so highly rated by our customers.  Click the orange reviews tab to the right and read through our over 300 5-Star Ratings.

There simply is no compromise when it comes to our dedication to our client’s satisfaction.  This principle is how we have built such a large following of loyal repeat customers who continue to partner with us through the years and decades, and who continue to recommend us to their fellow hairdressers, barbers, and salon owners.

Made In The USA Since The Beginning

While most of our competitors are sourcing and producing their products overseas, every Salon Capes product continues to be made in the United States because we believe in high quality products and providing jobs for our fellow citizens.  

Salon Capes Product Options

Are you tired of having your Salon Capes, Barber Capes or Hair Cutting Capes fall apart?

We have the most durable Cutting Capes and Barber Capes you can buy. The snaps won't fall off of our hair capes or custom capes, and they are large enough to cover the entire client and chair.

Are you tired of using Salon Smocks or Barber Smocks that only last a few weeks or months?

Our Zipper RobesSnap Front Robes and Cosmetologist Smocks look like new wash after wash, and they keep your clients cool and comfortable.

Are you tired of your Salon Aprons or Barber Aprons making you hot and not protecting your clothes?

Our Salon Aprons are lightweight and protect you clothes from all chemicals. We have Waterproof ApronsStylist ApronsBarber Aprons, and Cosmetologist Aprons, and all of our Hairstylist Aprons and Barber Aprons can be customized.

Our founder changed the entire salon apparel industry by providing garments that owners actually wanted, without the expensive price tags that other companies were charging.

Learn More About Salon Capes and Our Trend-Setting Salon Apparel now!


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