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"Do You Want Shampoo Capes That Last?"

Buy these Hair Salon Chemical Capes today!

If you’re looking for top quality shampoo capes, you’ve come to the right place.  Our shampoo capes provide unmatched performance and durability for hairdressers and salon owners, along with the ultimate in protection and comfort for your clients. 

Our shampoo capes offer advanced fabric protection, durability and comfort.  They have been designed by salon professionals to fix problems that plague traditional shampoo capes suffer from.

When you need reliability, comfort, and superior quality, a shampoo cape from Saloncapes provides the best blend of value, style, and durability. And we also offer custom shampoo capes and personalized hair color capes for your salon.


What Makes Our Shampoo Capes Better?

  • Our shampoo capes are made from an advanced fabric and not from traditional plastic or vinyl.  This makes them much lighter weight and comfortable for your clients, even during longer services like keratin treatments and double processes.
  • Don’t let the lighter weight fool you!  Our shampoo capes last and are completely water and chemical proof.  They are also safe to wash and dry at any temperatures.  No more melted, cracked or peeling capes!
  • Our shampoo capes are BIG (50”x 60”), larger than traditional shampoo and chemical capes.  The larger size allows for complete coverage of both the client and chair.
  • The neck on all of our shampoo capes will fit everyone from a small child’s 9” neck all the way up to a 24" neck for your largest clients.
  • All of our shampoo capes have 9 snaps, instead of the typical 6 snaps found on most capes.  And the snaps are only 1" apart instead of the typical 1.5"-2” apart.  This allows you to get a snug fit on all neck sizes.
  • The longer back flaps allow our shampoo capes to wrap around the chair completely.  This leaves the snaps out of your way for you to work on your clients’ hair without interference. 


Watch our Shampoo Cape Product Videos below: 

Once you use our shampoo capes you’ll never go back to plastic again! Click here if you are interested in Snap Robes, Wraparound Robes, or Zip Front Robes with the same chemical proof fabric built in.



“Each one of us is very satisfied... Excellent quality and we will be ordering more of the shampoo capes. Thank you for a fantastic product.”
~Sharon M., Posh Salon


Because we use only the highest quality materials to make our hair color capes and shampoo capes they are the longest lasting shampoo capes you will ever use.  And because you are buying direct from the manufacturer, you get shampoo capes at the best prices.  Order today and experience the difference.

Order your shampoo capes and hair color capes today!

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