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"Looking For Salon Wear And Salon Apparel That Lasts?" will wrap your clients in a world of luxury and comfort to noticeably enhance their entire salon or barber shop experience while offering you the highest performance line of hair cutting smocks, smocks for hairdressers and salon apparel available.  But don't take our word for it.  Here's what one of our customers had to say about our salon wear:


“Best quality capes I’ve ever had - quality is top notch.  I would by these capes again.  Great job designing them with hairdressers in mind - you nailed it!  Excellent material and they wash great!  Love them!”
~Kasey R.


Salon Wear: Professional and Durable

Our hair cutting smocks are a unique piece of salon wear that have just as many uses and applications as our capes, yet provide an entirely different feel and luxurious style that really sets them apart from our other salon apparel options such as Barber Capes, Waterproof Aprons, and Salon Capes.

Whether you are looking for a salon robe, hair cutting smocks, smocks for hairdressers, or plus size smocks we have the salon apparel that stands up to the test of time because of the quality of the fabrics, durability of the stitching, and our unique design features that create stylish end products crafted for performance and comfort.

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From stylish smocks for hairdressers to our entire line of client and beauty salon apparel and salon wear, offers the best blend of value and distinction for the money. This dedication to our clients and commitment to every product we produce has allowed to be the biggest provider of smocks for salons and barbershops for over three decades.

Like all of our client robes, our salon smocks include a built-in chemical and waterproof back.  This allows you to perform all varieties of services such as colors, perms, keratin, etc. without needing a second cape on top, keeping your clients comfortable and saving you money. 

  • Large size fits most clients (up to ~225 pounds).
  • Privacy snap keeps salon smocks closed on top.
  • Belt is sewn on for durability and convenience.
  • The advanced fabrics we use are washer and dryer safe and will not crack or peel, even after repeated washings.
  • The chemical and waterproof back is cross-stitched for extra durability. 
  • All our salon apparel is made in the USA.  We sell only the products we make, which allows you to get the highest quality salon apparel available anywhere directly from the manufacturer.



Order the best Beauty Salon Smocks now!

We offer our same excellent quality and performance standards in our plus size beauty salon smocks, while maintaining that critical level of affordability that has set us apart for decades.

Any barbershop or salon that caters to plus size clientele or wishes to keep plus size smocks on hand for potential clients can count on our plus size smocks for their clients. 

Check out our plus size Snap Front Robes, available in sizes up to 4X.



A good percentage of our most loyal clients here at Saloncapes are barber shops whose owners have been purchasing their barber aprons and smocks here for as long as we have been in business, which is over 30 years. The features that these clients love the most:

  • Feel of the high end material that goes into the barber smocks and capes
  • Style of the cut and shape
  • Specific design features that allow the barber aprons and smocks to fit every size client (even those with much larger necks).
  • Low price point that allows shops to order in bulk and handle their apparel needs in one simple order.

Buy your Beauty Salon Smocks now!



Here at Salon Capes, one of our hottest lines of products is definitely our salon robe, and there is a big reason that so many beauty salons of all types and sizes turn to us for all their salon apparel needs.

The short answer is that our stitching, construction, and design is unmatched for both visual aesthetics and function, allowing you to stock your beauty salon for the long term and get the best value out of your bulk purchase. Instead of falling apart after a year or two, our beauty salon smocks often still look new many years and thousands of customers later, retaining their shine and feel and protection.



While we supply plenty of large volume orders of beauty salon smocks, the bulk of our beauty salon smocks business comes from orders for hair stylist smocks and hairdresser smocks. These smocks have to hold up under a variety of multipurpose uses from haircuts to hair coloring.

Hairdressers and hair stylists depend on the quality of their equipment and this includes the salon apparel they invest hard earned money in to supply their shops and salons.

We make sure that every dollar spent gets you the best value, providing long lasting and beautiful hair stylist smocks and hairdresser smocks to ensure that you get the look, feel, and price you want.    



Not only do we provide a high end beautician smock, hair stylist smock, hairdresser smock, and all sorts of barber aprons and smocks, but we can add a variety of beautiful embroidering and logo designs that allow you to upgrade to Custom Barber Smocks or Personalize Your Salon Smocks to really set your shop or salon apart from the rest.

Personalized beauty salon smocks are trending because of the ability to individualize your shop's apparel to suit your tastes, color schemes, and aesthetic design desires, adding memorability and distinction.

Whether you are looking for customized smocks, custom barber capes or personalized salon apparel of any kind, we have all the custom smocks and salon smocks you could want.

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