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Salon Capes, Salon Smocks, Shampoo Capes & Salon Aprons

"Looking For Custom Salon Capes, Salon Smocks & Salon Aprons?"

You can choose from our wide selection of Customized Barber Capes, hair color capes, Custom Capes, attractive hairdressing capes, lightweight Hair Cutting Capes, hair color capes, waterproof shampoo capes and Personalized Capes.

Salon Capes Products: Hair Cutting Capes, Barbers Capes, Shampoo Capes, Hairstylist Smocks & Salon Aprons

Are you tired of having your Salon Cape, Barber Cape or Hair Cutting Cape fall apart?

We have the most durable Cutting Capes and Barber Capes you can buy. The snaps won't fall off of our hair capes or custom capes, and they are large enough to cover the entire client and chair.

Are you tired of your Salon Apron or Barber Apron making you hot and not protecting your clothes?

Our Salon Aprons are lightweight and protect you clothes from all chemicals. We have Waterproof Aprons, Stylist Aprons, Barber Aprons, and Cosmetologist Aprons, and all of our Hairstylist Aprons and Barber Aprons can be customized.

Are you tired of using a Salon Smock or Barber Smock that doesn't last?

Our Zipper Robes, Snap Front Robes and Cosmetologist Smocks look like new wash after wash, and they keep your clients cool and comfortable. specializes in servicing all your Salon Apparel and Salon Wear needs.

We offer unrivaled value and affordability on High Quality Salon Smocks, Hair Cutting Capes, Barber Aprons, Hair Stylist Apparel, Custom Capes, Chemical Capes and Shampoo Capes, and all kinds of Salon Apparel by cutting out the middle man mark ups and selling directly to you, the salon and barber shop professional.

Choose from our wide selection of top quality Hairdresser Capes, Haircutting Capes, Hair Stylist Smocks, Waterproof Apron, Chemical and Shampoo Cape, Hair Coloring Capes, Stylist Smocks, Hair Stylist Aprons, Barber Smocks and Salon Apparel to fit your needs. Click on any of the links above or the categories to the left to see our products, or call us anytime at 800-682-4269 and we will be glad to help you personally.


Custom Capes, Custom Barber Capes, Custom Salon Capes, Custom Salon Smocks, Personalized Capes & Salon Apparel Help Your Shop Stand Out!

Saloncapes offers the finest quality Custom Salon Wear and Salon Apparel to help you and your staff stand out.

We can customize all salon garments, including Hairdresser Capes, Hair Smocks, Hairdresser Aprons, Shampoo Capes, Hair Cutting Capes, Hairstylist Smocks, Hairdressing Aprons, Hairdresser Smocks, Hair Salon Robes, Salon Smocks or Hair Stylist Apparel.)

If your salon also offers facials, skin health, and overall beauty services, we can personalize your Cosmetology Aprons, Beautician Smocks, Cosmetology Aprons, Salon Smocks and other Beauty Salon Apparel.

Select from our affordable and durable line of Salon Aprons, Barber Smocks, Hair Cutting Capes and Salon Smocks (Hair Stylist Smocks, Beauty Salon Smocks, Beautician Smocks and Hairdressing Smocks).

Visit our Custom Capes page for more information about our Custom Salon Apparel, or call us anytime at 800-682-4269 and we will be happy to help you personally.


Comfortable Salon Aprons, Hair Stylist Smocks, Cosmetologist Smocks & Custom Salon Capes

Looking for the best salon smocks? We use the highest quality fabrics and durable materials for hair smocks, salon kimonos, cosmetologist smocks, hairdresser smocks, and other hairstylists smocks. Browse through our salon smock styles until you find the hair stylist smocks or barber smocks that are perfect for your shop.

Once you find a hair stylist smock, barber smock or custom salon cape you like, simply order online or give us a call and we will be happy to assist you with your order personally.


USA Made Hair Cutting Capes, Shampoo Capes, Barber Smocks & Stylist Aprons

Our salon wear is always made in America.

No matter what type of waterproof aprons, salon robes, chemical capes, or custom salon apparel you are looking for, you can count on the quality and value of our products.

Our Custom Salon Capes and Salon Apparel are always Made in America with quality guaranteed.

Once you order our custom salon capes, hair cutting capes, barber aprons, salon smocks, barbers capes, salon aprons, hair capes, hairdresser smocks, hair stylist apparel, chemical capes for salons or other salon apparel you will know why our customers love our products and continue to use our salon wear over and over again.


Ready To Try Our Salon Capes, Salon Smocks, Shampoo Capes & Salon Aprons?

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